Corporate And Office

Corporate And Office

Let an Express Mobile Massage Operator come to your home or place of work from just $9.95

Reinvigorate your Company’s greatest asset, your EMPLOYEES
Booking an Express Mobile Massage Corporate Massage can make an incredible difference to your workplace.

  • Recruit & Retain Employees
  • Decrease Stress / Increase Productivity
  • Manage Stressful Projects
  • Human Friendly Massage Maintenance
  • Gift Certificates

The seated massage is performed oil free and fully clothed either at your work station or a quieter office area if preferred using our mobile massage chairs.
Our intention is to inspire, motivate & recharge your staff providing clearer thinking & improve overall productivity.

Make employee of the month especially worthwhile and sought after with a surprise on site massage or, a complimentary home massage for your valued staff member.

Recruit and retain the best using corporate massage with weekly, fortnight or monthly visits from Express Mobile Massage.

Memorable Corporate Gift
Express Mobile Massage can help you give the most memorable corporate gift of all to your clients and associates. We can deliver a corporate massage session right to their office.
The recipient will receive a gift card and they can choose how, when and where they want to use the voucher, and when they do, we promise we’ll make it as memorable as possible.