Mobile Massage South East Auckland

Express Mobile Massage South East Auckland offers a range of services for personal, community and corporate clientele. Our massage services range from 30 minutes to 1 hour – and all from the comfort of your own home or office. Therapists come fully equipped, trained, insured, police checked and are just a phone call away. They can guarantee excellent rates will be below clinic prices as they have little overhead costs.


Your body is your biggest investment, and it’s important for you to pamper yourself the way you deserve. Bring that bounce back in your step – you’ll be surprised how tense your body is until you indulge yourself with a massage. Do you work at a desk all day, every day? Are you constantly on your feet? We guarantee after using the Express Mobile Massage service, you’ll realise just how much strain you have been in all this time.


At Express, we use high quality oils and products that will leave you feeling fantastic. Our affordable prices cater for any budget, whether you’re a tired, doting mother or a caring manager looking to revive the troops – Express Mobile Massage South East Auckland can give you tailored treatments for your individual needs.

mobile massage

The Express Mobile Massage South East Auckland services I offer include:

• Arms and hands – fabulous for office workers to relieve tension from keyboard work

• Legs and feet – perfect for busy people on their feet all day

• 1 hour pamper – relax to an amazing Swedish massage

• Gift Vouchers – the perfect present for absolutely anyone

• Loyalty Cards

• Massage stand at local sporting events, pamper parties and all types of business whether large or small

• “Ultimate Deluxe Ladies Pamper Session” – treat yourself to 1 Hour being pampered from head to toe with a full-body massage using only the finest oils and products